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Rose & Bird Townhouses

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Rose & Bird Townhouses

CLIENT: Metro Rosamond Pty Ltd
WEBSITE: https://metroprop.com.au/blog-category/18#category11
LOTS: 38 Medium Density / Townhouse Allotments
YEAR: Civil works complete July 2020

Project Description
Civil Design & Construction Contract Management – Medium Density & Std Titled Lots

Key Features
Combination of 12 Std Titled Residential Townhouse Lots, and 26 OwnersCorp Strata Titled Lots.

What we did
This site / project was purchased by the Client half way through the Plan and Permit Approval Process. LD Eng were engaged to help complete the due diligence on the project, prior to settlement, then were engaged to interrogate and complete the Civil Design to Approval, and manage/engage with the other specialist sub consultants. Providing advice and design on the breakdown for the Titling and Servicing of the allotments. We were further engaged to then manage the Civil Construction Contract, and act as a Superintendent.

Project Outcomes
Civil works were completed on time which allowed an early start to the Townhouse build process, while a number of challenges presented on site, (which can be expected in these Brown Field developments), they were all resolved promptly, and efficiently not affecting the programmed completion date. The Client is now well progressed into the build out, with occupancy of the first properties expected early 2021.