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LD Eng focus on civil design and administration for land projects.  Our systems and procedures have been developed to efficiently prepare accurate and efficient designs from the initial feasibility and opinion of costs, through the design and approval process, into the tender and contract administration to deliver the project.

Our process and files are managed in a Quality Assured environment using 12D Synergy which ensures our files are fully trackable across our server and via the internet.

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An accurate and full assessment of the project costs is essential for a successful development.  LD Eng work with planners and surveyors to complete a thorough due diligence process for potential sites.  Opinions of cost are prepared outlining construction, authority and consultant costs.  External service strategies are investigated and tested in discussion with the relevant Authorities.

Reimbursements from Development contributions plans, Land Acquisitions, Drainage Schemes and sewer and water Authorities are negotiated.  A risk matrix is utilised for major projects to fully assess the issues and the optimum process to avoid, mitigate or enhance the effect on the project.

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As experienced contract superintendents, LD Eng routinely administers civil works for major subdivision works.  Our professional relationship with the major Civil Contractors in Victoria ensures a rigorous tender process is followed.

Upon award of the contract,  LD Eng with work with the Council, Water Authorities and Contractor to audit the construction of earthworks, drains, roads, sewers, watermains and utility services.  We understand the importance of completing the project within the expected timeframe and prompt completion is a key focus of our regular site meetings.

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Our experienced Engineers are accredited with the Water Authorities for design  of sewer and water assets to Authority standards. Customised drawing blocks and tables have resulted in efficient and accurate water designs that are consistent with the current standards.

LD Eng is accredited with South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water for S1, S2, S7 and W1, W2, W7 works.

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Using 12D synergy has allowed significant customisation of our design environment.  Client attributes can be shared across the project ensuring that data is standardised and up to date in a single location.  Our designers use 12D to produce three dimensional models of roads, wetlands, benching and other surfaces to accurately define the finished surface of the project.

Plans, sections and quantities are prepared from these models for approval and construction of the subdivision.


Hydrology and Environment

LD Eng’s flood modelling and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) services takes a holistic approach during the entirety of a project to ensure that the built form is integrated seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

By implementing innovative design practices and products, LD Eng delivers peace of mind during the project life-cycle by working closely with local and catchment management authorities. This close working relationship in turn enhances the benefits to both the local community and the flora and fauna for the life of the development.

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LD Eng are specialists in the master-planning, design and construction surveillance of Sports and Play facilities. We have the technical expertise, resources, passion and enthusiasm to Plan for Sport and Engineer for life!

LD Eng understands sports and play facilities. As specialists in this area, we appreciate that projects need ethical, qualified and experienced engineers. We bring a passion and commitment to creating long lasting sport and play facilities where people want to take their families to play.

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At LDEng we know racing. With a proven track record, our staff have delivered some of the elite horse racing tracks and facilities in Australia over the last 20 years. Engineering cost effective solutions that are innovative without compromising on quality.

Our passion and commitment to the horse racing industry means we understand what is important to everyone involved. Whether you are looking to upgrade your country or city race track, to the full detail design, documentation and construction management of a Group 1 facility like Pakenham Race Course. Our engineering technical expertise and project management will get you over the line.