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How we work at Ldeng


Our technology, software processes and system structures have been developed on workflows reflecting the subdivision process. We have adopted an automated system specifically for land development which uses web based technology to transparently deliver design documents and construction administration services.

LD Eng provides project management and engineering services for residential, industrial and commercial land developments.
We provide sensibilities, civil engineering design & documentation, tendering & construction administration services.

LD Eng have developed and utilise an automated and transparent design and management communication system with a focus on efficient and effective delivery of land subdivisions.

In the due diligence period, projects are analysed using our risk matrix to mitigate any issues whilst enhancing any opportunities.

The process is carried out in three phases as follows;

  • Assisting in locating suitable development sites and opportunities.
  • Reviewing available services information including services locations and capacity;
  • Prepare engineering service reports and costings including meetings with service authorities as required.
  • Servicing strategies for Roads, drains, sewer and water and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) infrastructure.
  • Site constraints including inundation, topography and site fall.
  • Timing for delivery of trunk infrastructure and schedule for Authority reimbursement and risk of external easements.
  • Engineering input on the concept plans including preferred location of roads and trunk infrastructure, orientation of lots to minimise earthworks and retaining walls and recommendation of any sustainable servicing options.
  • Recommended staging of the development to minimise or defer any external work costs and maximise efficient development.
  • Assessment of Authority fees and charges including Growth Area Infrastructure Charges (GAIC), Council Developer Contributions (DCP), Melbourne Water drainage scheme fees and Water Authority New Customer Contributions.
  • Development of a risk matrix that assesses each element of the project and allocates a strategy to avoid, mitigate, exploit, share, transfer or accept the risk.
  • Working closely with other Development Consultants including Surveyors, Town Planners, Urban Designers, Landscape Architects, Financiers and Valuers to fully assess the project feasibility.
  • Providing innovative design solutions to maximise the yield and development returns to Clients
  • Consultation with Council Officers and all other servicing authorities as necessary to determine the appropriate engineering design standards for the project and to obtain and attend to matters related to offers from servicing authorities;
  • Preparation of functional and detailed engineering road, drainage, wsud, sewer and water supply construction plans and specifications for subdivisional construction, including submission and overseeing approval of these plans;
  • Preparation and maintenance of an overall development cost estimate;
  • Preparation of stage specific cost estimates at initial stage design and at the pre-tender phase.
  • Negotiation of appropriate reimbursements and cost sharing arrangements to minimise the impact of external works costs on the project budget; and
  • Prepare schedule of quantities for the project;
  • Prepare Contract Documents, call tenders, evaluate and award Contract to the successful tenderer;
  • Construction surveillance of the head contractor and audit of road, drainage, water and sewer reticulation works in accordance with Council and Water Agency requirements;
  • Preparation and maintenance of an overall development construction program;
  • Undertake regular site meetings with the head contractor and client;
  • Assessment of progress claims and variations in accordance with the role of the Superintendent under the construction contract;
  • Proactively seek Authority acceptance of the works and issue of statement of compliance; and
  • Process release of securities and retention monies and issue certificates for completion of works.
  • Proactively engage all project stakeholders, in particular the contractor and authorities, to minimise project costs and maximise revenue